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“Our factory is home to cutting-edge STAKE equipment imported from Japan, ensuring the utmost precision and quality in rice milling”


“We are proud to hold both GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certificates, a testament to our commitment to food safety and quality”



Our Paddy Cleaning Process

Our commitment to quality starts with a meticulous cleaning process, eliminating defects like dust and debris before drying.

Our Drying Machine

After cleaning, our advanced Drying Machine maintains ideal moisture levels, preserving purity and flavor with a capacity of up to 2,000 tons per day for consistent rice quality and efficient time management.

Our Dried Paddy Cleaning Process

After drying, the paddy undergoes our advanced cleaning process, dedicated to thoroughly removing small impurities and dried dirt.

Our Stone Separator

Before sending dried paddy to the de-husking machine, it undergoes meticulous stone separation to remove stones, ensuring it is impeccably clean and ready for the milling process 

Our De-husk machine

After reaching its purest form, the paddy moves to our de-husking machine, skillfully removing the husk to produce pristine brown rice.

Our Gravity Separator

After de-husking, our gravity separator machine precisely sorts the brown rice, separating any remaining unhusked paddy and preparing it for further husking.

Our Whitening Machine

Later on, the brown rice undergoes a meticulous three-round whitening process in our advanced machine to refine and meet the highest quality standards.

Our Polishing Machine

After whitening, the rice is efficiently polished in our machine to meet industry standards and the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring not only brightness but exquisite polish.

Our Rice Colour Sorter Machine

In the final stage of our meticulous process, we use a cutting-edge color sorting machine to eliminate any impurities, defects, or nonstandard grains, ensuring the rice product meets our stringent quality standards.

Our Storage Silos

After the rigorous process, the rice is promptly stored in our specialized silos, meticulously maintained for quality preservation, ready for packaging, and subsequent prompt delivery to our valued customers.

“Blending Japanese engineering and industry-leading certifications, we redefine rice production, delivering not just rice but an experience in every grain”


Our location (Head Office)

99 Moo 1, Praya-Bunlue, Lat-Bualuang, Phranakorn-Si-Ayutthaya, Thailand, 13230

Opening Hours (GMT +7)

Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-6pm


Phone: (+66) 99 879 6541
Whatsapp : (+66) 99 879 6541
Email: prachamote@lienghuagrice.co.th

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